Les Godillots: The Flight of the Goéland - BD

We are in 1918 and after two comics and a children's novel the fine team of Godillots is back ! Find the paternal "Palette", "Le Bourhis" gruff and the young "Bichette" accompanied by his monkey Salopiot for a new adventure full of humor! This time let's take the height and leave the mud of the trenches for a tome focused on aviation!


July 1918, on the aerodrome of Tancy-sur-Marne the famous, haughty, smug and proud French airman, Captain d'Esterrat, gives a press conference. Amazed, the young Bixente has eyes only for the hero of the patriotic press and his famous biplane! This is to say what pleasure he has when the mechanic allows him to go up in place of the gunner! Yes, but there you are, annoyed by the journalists, an enraged Esterrat climbs into his Spad and takes off to do battle with the enemy! The adventure begins again for Bixente and the fine team of Godillots!

Our opinion

Unlike all the comics that appear (conveniently) for the centenary, the Godillots are not at their first attempt since they already have three volumes and a children's novel. The concept remains unchanged, treating the First World War with humor and without raw violence to reach an audience of young people, while also capturing the interest of older people in search of a relaxing reading. If we had to compare, the Godillots are a bit to the 14-18 war what the Blue Tunics are to the Civil War.
From gags to twists and turns, the young reader is nonetheless awake to various aspects of this conflict. For example in this third volume several key themes are evoked: the beginnings of military aviation, propaganda, broken mouths ...

The volume ends with a small supplement, the gazette “Les Godillots” very inspired by trench newspapers, always using irony, humor and farce to distract the Poilus against the cockroach (no, not the dictyoptera. ..). In this colorful cabbage leaf (although sepia) the reader quickly discovers other aspects of trench life: rat hunting, the various occupations of long waiting times ...

One could simply regret the absence of a true historical file, even short, which would take stock, for example, of the role of aviation in the war or on the question of the beginnings of facial surgery. This would allow a smooth transition from comedy to History and encourage young people to deepen their research on what was to be the Der des Der. That said, the Godillots remain the companions of moments of relaxation for history lovers!